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Tips for Choosing a Good Awning

Before buying an outdoor awning, take some time to find out the elements that make it up. This way, you can describe what you want CrisaSol awnings.

These are the four technical terms that you have to know to determine the dimensions of the awning you want:

The length of the awning: designates the length of its facade.
The awning exit: designates the size of the open awning at the top of the terrace.
The inclination of the awning: defines the angle of inclination of the awning.
What I want to get when I’m on my terrace.

Be guided by “TECHNICIANS IN SOLAR PROTECTION” CrisaSol Awnings.

The exterior sun protection is also governed by aesthetic and functional criteria for which different systems and tarpaulins have been developed, providing comfort and elegance to our spaces. Do not settle for less and know our models of invisible arms, straight stitch and sliding in different finishes.

For balcony, terraces, windows, gazebos and enclosures and do not forget the automation of your awnings. It will extend their lives and get more comfort without getting off the couch.


The sun, the heat, as well as the excess of clarity at certain times of the year, can be a problem at the time of well-being in our home. A fact that we can remedy with the installation of awnings in the windows, balconies and terraces of our house.

We tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal option!

What types of awnings do you exist?

When we talk about awnings, we find different solutions, in terms of location and measure. Firstly, we must be clear where we want to install it: windows, balcony, terrace … Then choose the appropriate size for each type of awning.


  • Canopies with box: This is the mechanism that covers the canvas with an aluminum enclosure hermetically closed when it is collected, in such a way that it provides a greater protection of the tarpaulin, preserving it of the dust, the contamination, the sun and the rain during more weather.
  • Awnings without a box: The canvas is collected, but it is not protected by any structure or shell so the duration of the canvas is shorter.


Location is a determining factor in choosing the awning model we want to buy. The variety of products of CrisaSol Toldos makes possible a perfect solution for each installation, either:

For terrace

  • Extensible awning with hood: They work by means of a system of regulation and extension of the arms, and can cover areas of up to 4 meters. They have the option of automatic operation by means of motor and remote control and they have the protective box of the body of the awning and the canvas.
  • Toldo extensible sin cofre: Son los toldos que funcionan gracias a un sistema de regulación y extensión de los brazos, y pueden cubrir áreas de hasta 4,50 metros.

For window

  • Window awning with box: In type of awnings the arms are fixed to the wall and fall in triangular form. It has incorporated the structure of aluminum that allows a better conservation of the canvas. It is the perfect model for installation in small windows.
  • Awning without window: It is the same system as the previous one but this one does not have the aluminum structure that allows the protection in the canvas.


  • Extendable arm: The models that carry these arms are: Awning terrace chest and awning articulated terrace.

These arms are collected folding inwards and remain inside the awning, when we pull the canvas they extend and direct the canvas towards the front until they are completely open under the canvas.

Very important; The CE marking implies that the product has demonstrated compliance with the European Standards that apply to it and is the guarantee of conformity with essential and mandatory quality and safety standards.

We have to take into account several important factors, from the mechanism and functionality of the awning, adaptation of the location and the type of tarpaulin.

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