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Outdoor Awnings

Multiple possibilities of sun protection that contribute to its energy saving with sophisticated designs increased with technical fabrics.

The enjoyment of the terrace without worries under the rays of the sun in your garden or balcony, savor the light that gives us the nature on your terrace or enjoy the outdoors with total tranquility, contributes to increase the well-being and quality of life in the home .

Awnings with a high functional value and aesthetic that, thanks to its excellent characteristics, in many cases become essential for the whole year.

Models of awnings that CrisaSol offers you:

Extensibles Awnings

Lo Extensible ARM They are ideal awnings for places where it is not easy to place structures or guides, as…


Straight Point Arm

The system with straight arm brings the frontal collapse of the awning arms with total independence …


Vertical Awnings

The vertical awnings are ideal to satisfy specific needs in terms of decoration and interior design


Building Inspiring Spaces

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