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Flat Awnings

New flat tarpaulin system (pergola) specially designed for rain protection, which manages to adapt to all climatic conditions, making it essential throughout the year, thanks to its unbeatable characteristics.

Toldo Terraza Star

Exclusively designed by Metaform AVEE, this is the ideal solution for the overage of professional spaces covering a large area and featuring unique elements.

Retractable, 100% manufactured from aluminium, with the motor that provides motion to the axle being incorporated within the axle with no additional parts.

A representative, tested solution for the coverage of professional spaces or any shape and size. Retractable roof for variable coverage and shading. Quality construction for functionality, aesthetics and safety. Durable protection, with certified resistance to Sun, Rain & Wind.

Toldo Terraza Magna

Reinforced construction and improved aesthetics wherever maximum coverage of external spaces is required.

Retractable roof for variable coverage and sharing.

Quality construction for sturdiness, functionality, top aesthetics and safety. Durable protection, with certified resistance to Sun, Rain & Wind.

Techo Plegable Aluminio Persa

A folding, retractable roof pergola, exclusively designed by Metaform AVEE. Sturdy construction made of an aluminium alloy of top quality and aesthetics, using 25×3 aluminium panels, with insulation capabilities.

The controlled motion of the blinds provides ventilation to the space along with shading, protection from inclement weather and snowfall!

Top characteristics and high quality, with controlled coverage for all seasons. Folding & retractable roof, aluminium blinds with adjustable motion & tilt, for
controlled shading and ventilation. Quality construction for sturdiness, functionality, top aesthetics and safety. All-weather protection, with reinforced resistance
to Sun, Rain, Wind & Snow!

Plane Top with Protection or Entreparedes

System with application in the assembly of awnings of big dimensions, to be mounted with profile of maximum line 7 m. Recommended maximum departure 7 m. The characteristics of the flat awning make it the perfect solution for outdoor terraces and enclosures in catering and hospitality businesses. Possibility to motorize or automate.

Pergo-Rain Plane Top

The new flat tarpaulin system (pergola) specially designed for protection against rain, which manages to adapt to all climatic conditions, making it essential throughout the year, thanks to its excellent features. Maximum measures of the Pergo-Rain system: line 12 m. And output 6.5 m. PERGO-RAIN is manufactured with profiles and aluminum parts lacquered through processes that perfectly guarantee the protection against environmental corrosion

For the canvas an opaque and flame retardant PVC fabric is used, which is made in such a way that all the evacuation of the water collected in the awning falls on the gutter and later on the inside of the support profiles, without risk of evacuating water by The sides of the pergola. In addition to its resistance to rain and wind, it provides a great sun protection, being able to climatize a stay, in unfavorable climatic conditions, at any time of the year.

Possibility of placement of strips of led lights adapting to the lighting of the terrace. This type of awning its movement is by means of electric mechanism.

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